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High-quality virtual care including primary care, mental health, metabolic health, and more. Get personalized care from anywhere with or without insurance.
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High-quality virtual care

Get peace of mind from the comfort of your own home. Our healthcare providers have an average of 10+ years of clinical experience.

Our comprehensive approach to health

Our comprehensive approach includes remote video visits with high-quality medical providers, messaging with your provider and coordination team, prescription and medication delivery, and more!

Affordable value with or without insurance

We work with major insurance providers to make care affordable to you. By offering comprehensive care in one place and integrating with most major insurance providers, labs, and pharmacies, we aim to make care affordable and convenient for all.

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5 green stars
Fort Lauderdale
I had changed online health providers four times before finding Zealthy. It’s exactly what I’ve been searching for. I was able to get an appointment for the same day with an amazing doctor and we’ve worked together to build a plan to get me to my healthiest self. After having such a great experience, I've been able to do both my primary care and my psychiatric care at Zealthy - and they help me get convenient delivery of my meds since I used to forget to pick up them at the pharmacy. It's great to get all of my care in one place! 
5 green stars
San Francisco
I love Zealthy! I really appreciated being able to browse my doctor choices before I picked one - and I was able to schedule for the very same day. My doctor is super compassionate about my needs, and they make me feel confident in the care I receive. I had been searching for a place that could take care of my weight loss (medication AND coaching - nothing has worked like Zealthy has) and my primary care needs - THANK YOU Dr. Echeverry and THANK YOU Zealthy!
5 green stars
Los Angeles
WOW! Zealthy is so easy and quick. My life’s been so busy lately, and the flexibility of contacting my Zealthy doctor by phone, video, or messages (and rescheduling appointments quickly) has meant that I’ve been able to stay on top of my treatment and get my prescriptions FAST. I've honestly never seen healthcare made so easy, convenient, and affordable. Plus, they take my insurance and tell me if I'm going to have any out of pocket costs BEFOREHAND. 5/5 recommend!

Your Zealthy treatment plan starts here

What can we help you with today?