Healthcare the way it should be

Finally, medical care dedicated to long-term, holistic health—all done virtually.

Healthcare is broken in the United States

When Americans need excellent healthcare, they often don’t know where to go. At Zealthy, we are a singular place where people can get the highest quality medical care, all without leaving their homes.

Better access

Spending two or more hours getting to and waiting for a doctor’s appointment is an unnecessary barrier to care. Zealthy allows its patients to access care from their homes or wherever they are. We utilize e-prescribing to ensure our prescriber has choice of medication, and the patient has choice of pharmacy.

Faster than ever

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that it takes an average of 24 days to schedule an in-person appointment with a healthcare professional in a large US city. At Zealthy, you can speak to a qualified medical provider in as little as 15 mins!

Lower costs

The cost of basic care is often excessive and rarely transparent to patients when they're selecting their care options. At Zealthy, we've lowered costs and made healthcare more affordable through our all-in-one telemedicine platform.

All under one roof

Whether you have a specific health concern to address or want to feel better all around, our comprehensive approach takes a holistic look at each and every part of you. This includes remote video visits with high-quality medical providers, prescription and medication delivery, messaging with your care team, and more!