Common questions and answers about Zealthy

If you are a weight loss member or interested in weight loss at Zealthy, use this link for weight loss specific FAQs: https://www.getzealthy.com/weight-loss-faq

Program Overview

What is Zealthy?
Who is Zealthy for?
What can I use Zealthy for?
What are Zealthy's customer service hours?
Do I need to see a healthcare provider in person to use Zealthy?
How do I access my account?
How much does a Zealthy membership cost?
What does it cover?

Birth Control

Does Zealthy offer birth control?
Does Zealthy accept insurance for birth control?
Can I get birth control without insurance?
What are the different kinds of birth control?
What if I’m not happy with the birth control that I’m taking?
I’m not sure what birth control is best for me, how should I choose?
Is it safe to skip my period with the pill?
How effective is birth control?

Personalized Psychiatry Program

What does Zealthy’s Personalized Psychiatry Program include?
How much does the program cost?
When will I start to feel better?
How will I communicate with my care team?

General Medical

What is Zealthy’s philosophy behind medical care?
What happens if I need to go to the hospital?
What is the “Treat Me Now” option at Zealthy?
Does Zealthy offer Urgent Care?
Who are the healthcare professionals at Zealthy?
What should I expect from my care team at Zealthy?
Is it legal to prescribe medication online?
Is this a safe way to receive medical treatment?
Are Zealthy visits performed using video?
Can I use any pharmacy for medication prescribed by a Zealthy provider?
How do you select your providers?
Can I request a specific doctor?
Will the provider review my medical history before my visit?
Does Zealthy replace my primary care provider?
Can Zealthy handle emergency situations?


How much does a visit cost?
How much does medication cost?
Can I use my HSA/FSA funds?
Can I pay out of pocket?
Does Zealthy accept Medicare or Medicaid?
How do I update my payment information?
Why do I have to upload a picture of my face or a government-issued ID?
How do I cancel my account?

Prescriptions & Refills

What medications do you offer?
Can I have medication delivered to my home?
I currently have my medication sent to a local pharmacy - can I change to at-home delivery using Zealthy?
Can I use my insurance to pay for prescriptions from Zealthy’s pharmacy delivery?
Can I use any pharmacy?
Do you prescribe controlled substances at Zealthy?
How do I track a medication order that is being delivered to my home?

Clinical Services

How does erectile dysfunction care work at Zealthy?
How does hair loss treatment work at Zealthy?
How does primary care work at Zealthy?
How does cold or flu treatment work at Zealthy?
How do I change my coach at Zealthy?
How do I change my primary provider at Zealthy?
How do I sign up for a new care program at Zealthy?

Labs & Testing

How do I upload my test/lab results?
Where can I get my labs and testing done?
What do my lab results mean?
Can I use my insurance on lab tests?
How much do lab tests cost?
Does Zealthy offer STD testing?
Is lab testing required?

Appointments & Troubleshooting

How long are visits at Zealthy?
How do I start my video visit?
How do I get ready for my video visit?
What happens after I schedule a visit?
What type of notifications will I receive for my visit?
How long will it take for the doctor to start my video visit?